August 19, 2015 (914 days ago)
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Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce
Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce announces the availability of positions on its Board of Directors commencing January 1, 2016. The Board meets monthly to conduct the business of the Chamber. 

This is an especially exciting time for the Chamber as we take over operation of the Morro Bay Visitor Center. We also sponsor the Saturday Farmers Market, produce the annual Avocado-Margarita Festival, conduct monthly forums to share information affecting local businesses, conduct outreach programs to learn how we can improve the business climate in Morro Bay and hold monthly mixers at member organizations.

If you are interested in this challenging and rewarding position, contact any Board member; email our Director, Liz Gilson at
or call the Chamber office at 772-4467. 

Deadline for application is September 10, 2015. Additional information is available on our website,
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