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Morro Bay
Morro Bay, California
United States
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Each spring, Morro Bay becomes a virtual “candy store” for shoppers. Gently used, recycled, new or ready-to-refurbish items can be found in neighborhoods and businesses beginning on Friday afternoon as a "preview".  On Saturday and Sunday the participating  garage sellers will open their doors by 8 a.m. for the 14th Annual Citywide Yard Sale. 

SELLERS: All residences of Morro Bay are invited to have a Yard Sale this weekend and be listed on the Treasure Map. Sign up at the Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce, 695 Harbor ST, 772-4467 or download an application at no later than March 14th.

BUYERS: Free Treasure Maps of sale locations will be available starting March 23rd at Brenda Sue's Consignment on 248 Morro Bay Blvd, 772-7226 (opening during the sale at 7am with FREE coffee or grab a copy of the Bay News at your local news stand.

GRAB N'GO GUIDE: Look out of a fun Grab N'Go guide with quick bites and great food and drink deals to keep you on the hunt all day! Brought to you by the Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce.
Morro Bay Yard Sale Treasure Map 2017

Morro Bay Yard Sale Treasure Map 2017

29 days ago
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